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Q. What is the GoToGadgets affiliate scheme?
A. This scheme is a mechanism that allows you to get paid a commission on every mobile phone watch product that you recommend and sell. You can advertise anywhere (like Google Adwords or other Pay-Per-Click campaigns) but most people have best results selling through their website or blogs.

Q. So how does it work?
A. You start by registering for your own GoToGadgets affiliate ID (don't worry - it's all free!) and then simply select a mobile phone watch product (or products) that you would like to promote. From there, it's just a case of creating a special link in to our website: affiliate ID here&pid=Product ID here

You can find the product ID in the URL of the product that you want to promote. It'll be a few digits long and be comprised of just numbers. For example..

..would be the link that you would use if you wanted to promote our Q8 Dual SIM Mobile Phone Watch if your GoToGadgets affiliate id was 'superseller101'. Once you have your link, you can then embed it into your website, blog, forum signatures, etc - and that's it! When your visitors click your link and purchase through our website - you'll receive 5% commission of that sale! But it's not just 5% of the item you recommend - it's 5% of their entire order (regardless of what they end up purchasing).

Q. Great! So how do I keep track of sales?
A. Any orders that are placed through your affiliate link are tracked in your GoToGadgets affiliate account and can be tracked in there. It details what was purchased and when, the total order value and your commission. Also in here, you'll see the order status (either 'New' or 'Paid'). Thirty days after the customer has raised the order, your commission will be issued. We allow this amount of time to allow for any product returns, etc.

Q. Can you report how many times a link has been clicked?
A. Due to the number of variables currently not - but it is planned to implement this feature in the future

Q. So how much can I be looking at to make per item?
A. Our mobile phone watches range up to 150. That means that your commission can be up to 7.50 for every watch sold. However, remember that it's 5% of the total order value. We find that after a watch has been added to the cart from, customers will look around our parent site ( and potentially make additional purchases. Remember, it's these additional purchases that you'll also gain commission on automatically.

Q. How do I get paid?
A. You have the choice of either cheque or PayPal. Issuing cheques and postage aren't free and so these fee's are deducted from your earnings. Likewise, PayPal have their fee's to take into consideration too (we provide both of these services at cost to us - ie, we don't 'make' anything on these). On average, PayPal is the cheaper mechanism to get payments to you and so is our recommended payment method.

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